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DTI Implants Systems

DTI implant surface design of the future

DTI Implants’ quest for knowledge involves the constant pursuit of perfection through innovation. In the healthcare field this pursuit requires a harmonious bond between biology and technology. The ideal product design evolves from the analysis of nature’s biological microsystems and the development of new technology.

Optimal osseointegration

An animal’s ability to adapt to its environment is crucial in nature. For example, the unique microstructure of the shark’s skin reduces flow resistance during swimming.

The DTI SLA Active microstructure ensures uniform initial cell spreading. The macrodesign of the DTI implants, in tandem with the surface topography, ensures outstanding insertion properties.

Increased cell attachment

The surface microroughness of DTI Implants is tailored to the needs of bone-inducing cells.

Enhanced bone quality

Many biological constructions stand out because of their amazing stability. At the same time, they are lightweight and functional.

Stable implant-bone apposition is essential for implant osseointegration. This aids in the absorption of occlusal forces ensuring undisturbed healing.

DTI R&D & Innovation

DTI R&D department continues to work effectively with many universities in order to further enhance the surface properties of SLA.