The New Bone-Level Implant

A wider diameter implant that can be used in narrow bone structures thanks to its neck angle. It helps the blood supply in the cortical region with its micro thread structure. The angled neck segment allows maximum cortical bone regeneration.


Power4 Launch

Power4 Launching meeting was the exclusive event in Cyprus on November 8-10th. This special event got together the proffesionals and Power4 Implant and its special Surgical Kit.

The organisation which has done with the attend of 800 dental proffesionals, was enthusiastic.

The renowned speakers who have succeeded on the critical dental surgeries, presented the healing phase of the Power4 Implant’s first patients. Power4 Implant’s clinical cases were discussed with Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr. Metin KIZILKAYA and Dr. Mehmet Ali GÜVEN, and Prosthodontist Dr. Melih ŞENGÜL.

If you haven’t been in this event or would like to catch up on any details, you may reach the recordings in our social media accounts.

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DTI Scholarship

DTI Implant Systems, scientists, doctors from all over the world…


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DTI, which has many innovative developments in terms of design, quality, product variety and packaging, offers numerous advantages in implant surgery and prosthesis to all dentists around the world.


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Dear Colleagues

DTI Implants helped thousands of patients to regain their smiles by offering leading solutions to dentists all over the world in the dental implant industry. Since its establishment, DTI has never ceased its investments, innovation, research and development activities.

“We are proud of our products and we put in all the effort and resources to ensure that.”

dr. Talat Bugur



DTI IMPLANT SYSTEMS Our Production Facility is equipped with high technology CNC machines. We can quickly respond to the needs of the global market.
DTI IMPLANT SYSTEMS have FDA approval as well as CE certificate.

R&D and Innovation

DTI’s R&D Department uses cutting edge technology to make innovations and collaborates with independent universities and sponsors the activities of these programs.

Pleased Dentists with DTI

Easy application, fast supply, a wide stock range and affordable prices! SLA surface feature. Exact solution with easy and safe usage Appealing packaging, elegant design.

Hybrid Design

Root form and cylindrical design combined! Perfect primary stability

Improved SLA Surface

Nano technology SLA surface that allows rapid bone integration